Get ready for a workout like no other!

At Body Evolution OC, we know that the key to fitness is not the amount of time you spend working out….it is the intensity with which you do it! Our heart-pumping, sweat-drenching workouts will produce significant results in as little as 50 minutes! Our workouts combine the strength training benefits of Reformer Pilates with the fat-burning effects of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

First, fire up your metabolism with 15 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training. Not only will you burn more calories during this type of training, but you will continue to burn more fat in the 24 hours AFTER a HIIT workout than you would by performing any other type of steady-paced cardio workout.

The next 35 minutes consists of a fast-paced Reformer workout. Pilates is known for producing long, lean muscle definition and a rock-solid core. Body Evolution is a workout that evolved from traditional Pilates…with the intensity level kicked up! The Reformer allows for a total body workout…and the results are amazing!

  • Group fitness classes
  • Private and Semi-private training

Each workout is innovated and different keeping your mind and body challenged each class. Wednesday(s) is our NO CARDIO day, mixing a combination of all Reformer Pilates and strength training. *All fitness levels welcome! Don't fret, our experienced instructors are there for you for any modifications or one on one assistance. Body Evolution's small class setting of a maximum or 12 spots per class help us accommodate to you.

* Wear your training shoes & don't forget your towel and water!


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